New Milwaukee taps and dies program launched

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Milwaukee Tool delivers 125 new threading solutions for automotive technicians, service electricians, and maintenance crews with their new taps and dies.

These taps and dies feature precision machined threads, ideal for creating and repairing clean, accurate threads on various metal applications.

The innovation is designed to provide breakthrough enhancements in a category that has seen little to no improvement in decades.  

Taps & Dies 

“With the launch of Milwaukee taps and dies, we delivered on our promise to disrupt the market,” said Brad Urban, director of product marketing. “We saw that very little innovation has been made to taps and dies. We take pride in conducting countless hours of field research with our users, understanding their pain points with current solutions, their needs, and their applications.

“Through our research, we found that automotive mechanics, facility maintenance teams, and general contractors are frustrated by their current taps and dies. It is hard to read the size, they must carry around multiple different-sized handles, and often the product breaks. We sought to change that.”  

The new taps and dies have three premium features: black oxide coating to fight against corrosion, the clearest markings for quick and easy size identification, and precision machined threads for precise threading.    

Hex-LOK 2-IN-1 Handle 

The Milwaukee Hex-LOK 2-in-1 handle provides maximum leverage and control, and the handle’s ergonomic grip and all-metal design are optimized for smooth operation.

The Hex-LOK 2-in-1 handle combines the ability to thread with one-inch hex dies, as well as taps up to ½ inch when paired with the Milwaukee tap collet.

With this innovative 2-in-1 handle design, users can easily swap between internal or external threading providing the most versatile threading solution, ultimately, reducing the number of total components carried on the job.

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