New John Bean EHP Series tire changers boost performance

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The new John Bean EHP series of tilt-back and swing arm tire changers provide users with advanced technology and safety features that make them must-have equipment for any shop looking for safety, speed and versatility.

“The new John Bean EHP series of tire changers are specifically designed to be simple to use, increase productivity and offer an ergonomic design that gives service technicians a safe work space when changing different types of tires,” said Kyle Harris, product manager for John Bean. “These swing-arm and tilt-back tire changers are ideal for handling cars, light trucks and high performance wheel and tire assemblies.”

The John Bean T5745T and T1545T swing-arm and tilt-back tire changers feature the patented PROspeed™ technology which automatically minimizes risk of damage to tires. This innovative technology also optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel. Each model also offers variable speeds from seven to 18 RPMs for maximum productivity. Other key features include:

Tilt-Back Configuration – rigid design significantly reduces the chances of harm to rim or tire bead while offering maximum clearance for installing tire on turntable.

Bead Breaker Control – pedal is positioned away from bead breaker with a preventative guard so operator can’t accidentally activate tire changer while standing next to bead breaker.

Integrated Pressure Limiter – stops air flow once pressure has reached 55 PSI to prevent tire over inflation.

Adjustable Four-Jaw Clamp – self-centring nylon-covered clamps grip securely and protect wheel.

Twin-Cylinder Clamping – provides uniform clamping pressure and increased power.

To learn more about the new John Bean EHP series swing-arm and tilt-back tire changers and other wheel service products, call 877-482-4866 or visit


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