New-generation fluid extractor cleanly removes fuels, more

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Continuing its evolution of fluid extractors, Mityvac, part of the SKF Group, has launched the MVA6853. The new Mityvac MVA6853 is a fuel/fluid extractor and priming kit that can quickly and cleanly extract, prime or dispense diesel fuel, kerosine or gasoline.

This easy-to-use manual syringe tool comes with five different adapters for both diesel fuel or gasoline to aid in prime, flush or maintenance needs.

The MVA6853 has the capacity to manage 1.5 litres of fluid and its integrated valve system is designed specifically for diesel and gasoline without eroding the gaskets.

The compact, streamlined design allows easy access into tight spaces under the hood or in areas of limited access.

The kit is designed with fuel-capable seals and an integrated valve in cap to prevent spills and leaks. The hose and seals are also simple to replace if needed. The tool is easy to clean and compatible with other Mityvac fuel system connectors.

This all makes the new handheld Mityvac MVA6853 the perfect solution for flushing and priming fuel lines, priming fuel filters and quickly emptying tanks.

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