New EZ Installer Pro pairs without key programmer

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Car Keys Express’ EZ Installer technology pairs modern keys to vehicles without the need for expensive and complicated key programmer.

The compact easy-to-use “Pro” version gives key professionals the ability to add new keys to multiple vehicles using simple plug and pair technology. No complex equipment, programming tokens, or training is required. The innovative technology makes offering modern key replacement simple and affordable for retailers and locksmiths.

Until now, older car keys have always been easy and inexpensive to replace. Today’s modern keys are more technologically advanced and require the use of specialized computer equipment to cut and program. The EZ Installer eliminates the need for such expensive and sophisticated equipment—reducing the level of complexity and cost of key replacement.

The small, hand-held device works in three simple steps: select the correct dial position for the customer’s vehicle, plug the device into the vehicle’s standard OBD port, and press a button to start pairing.

“Maintaining a modern key replacement program is both complex and expensive. To be successful, it requires a big investment in inventory, employee training, and specialized cutting and programming equipment,” said Mark Lanwehr, Founder and CEO of Car Keys Express. “The EZ Installer™ is a huge breakthrough for retailers and key professionals. It makes getting into the key replacement business simple and affordable.”

A traditional key programmer costs retailers and key professionals thousands of dollars with typical per-key “token” fees. The EZ Installer PRO doesn’t charge these per-key fees, but rather measures usage on a per-vehicle basis.

This means multiple keys can be programmed for multiple vehicles for the fixed cost of a single installer. What’s more, the  per-vehicle cost is less than half of typical token costs.

  • Ideal for retailers already offering key cutting
  • Incremental sales to existing customers
  • Program keys in minutes
  • No complex equipment or staff training required
  • One EZ Installer PRO programs keys for multiple cars
  • Earn over one hundred dollars per key and never pay a token fee

EZ Installer Pro versions are currently available for many of the most popular vehicle brands on the road today, including Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Nissan, and Infiniti.



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