New Autel ADAS buyer’s guide launched

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Autel U.S. has launched an ADAS buyer’s guide for shop owners.

Automotive diagnostics products provider Autel U.S. has launched redesigned ADAS website pages that provide customers with a comprehensive resource for shops looking to add ADAS calibrations to their list of services.

With 99 million ADAS-equipped vehicles already on North American roads and 210 million projected by 2030, the need for shops of every kind to perform ADAS calibrations becomes more apparent.

Many shops are subletting calibrations to mobile technicians or recommending customers to dealerships. “And those are lost opportunities to generate revenue and for shops to give quality key to key service to their customers, said Stewart Peregrine, Autel’s Senior Executive of ADAS Sales.

“There are a lot of misconceptions and a good deal of fear among shop owners and technicians about performing ADAS in one’s shop, and those fears break down into three questions: Is my shop large enough to perform ADAS calibrations? Can I afford a calibration system? Can my technicians and I learn the technology

“We developed the site to mitigate those fears by providing a wealth of information that addresses each of those concerns,” Peregrine said.

The site breaks down into the following sections: Intro to ADAS, which is a primer on the types of ADAS such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Detection; ADAS & Your Shop, which gives an overview of the space needed to perform each type of calibration; an ADAS Setup Guide; and Autel’s Alignment and ADAS solutions.

One of the most dynamic features on the site is the ADAS Return on Investment (ROI) calculator that enables those considering bringing ADAS calibration in-house to see how quickly they can recoup their investment in an ADAS system.

The site also offers a downloadable, printer-ready Intro to ADAS countertop tri-fold brochure and companion poster for shops to promote their new calibration service and educate customers on the vehicles’ safety systems and the importance of calibration after a repair or alignment.

Finally, the site invites shop owners to request a no-obligation consultant session with an Autel ADAS Expert to answer any questions.

Visit to check out the new site and learn about Autel’s Alignment and ADAS solutions.

Autel U.S., headquartered in Port Washington, N.Y., is a subsidiary of Shenzhen, China-based Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. Autel is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional automotive diagnostic tools, equipment, and accessories.

Autel is committed to producing leading-edge tools, providing customers worldwide with enduring value and superior technology.


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