NASTF and Collabtic launch comprehensive knowledge base

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Members of the National Automotive Service Task Force now have access to a vast and quickly growing database of module programming how-tos, reference videos and fixes for common problems, powered by Collabtic. The database is completely searchable and may feature the actual programming event for the vehicle in your shop.

Available information is divided into three categories:

Threads: Programming walk through videos featuring failures, faults and fixes

Tech Info: Reference guides with PDF walkthroughs

Knowledge Articles: Step by step instructions for working with NASTF and making the most of your account, either as a NASTF user or NASTF VSP

The “Knowledge Base,” as it’s referred to in the NASTF site menu, is accessible 24/7 and will cut down on help desk requests and provide after-hours support when it’s most needed.

As with all of NASTF’s resources, the Knowledge Base is accessible to all members with the creation of a free NASTF account.

Tanner Brandt, diagnostician, trainer, content creator and Knowledge Base architect, explains, “This platform will give NASTF members the ability to not only educate themselves on how to perform a certain programming event, but will also give users and automakers the ability to see failed programming events with a posted fix if there is currently one available.

“This will help users find fixes to common failures and also help auto makers to find potential bugs in their software.

“Through the announcement function, we will also be able to alert users to potential problems. This will hopefully aid OEM support desks from getting backlogged and help everyone have a better experience.”

Collabtic founder and CEO Mohan Sethi states, “We are thrilled to be working with NASTF to make it quick and easy for NASTF users to find the information they are looking for. Collabtic is used by thousands of automotive technicians and we value their feedback to make the platform work as efficiently as possible for them.”

The NASTF Service Technology and Vehicle Security Teams as well as the support desk have heard from members that help is needed in the content areas where the company has focused the knowledge base.

Database designers have also moved the VSP guides on using security information components of automakers websites to the knowledge base. This information is available to VSPs only. Once you are logged in to the NASTF site the knowledge base will recognize your NASTF credentials and populate your menu with VSP specific information and articles. 


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