Chris Dekker: What gets you up in the morning?

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Chris Dekker is the owner of My Garage Auto & Tire in Airdrie, AB, and last Octobers Indie Garage cover story. He asked his staff how they felt about working in this industry and has allowed Indie Garage to share what they said.


What gets you up in the morning? Why do you do your job? At our last staff meeting, we asked each member of our team to share their reasons for making automotive service their career of choice. You might find their responses interesting.

Richard (Technician):
“I don’t do this for the money. For me, it’s the fact that I’m challenged every day. Cars are changing so quickly and most people don’t understand how complex they are. It’s the satisfaction of diagnosing a complicated system and making it work properly again.”

Jay (Technician):
“I’m proud to do something that very few people can do, and even fewer people do WELL. I like helping people, and in this trade I get to work with my hands and use those skills to help people – to make something better.”

Nathan (Apprentice Technician):
“For me it started as a kid, with a bad experience having a business repair my quad. I started to repair everything myself… first, my quads and RC cars, and then eventually vehicles. As I got into the automotive trade I realized that I could really make a difference, and make the industry better. That’s what motivates me today… I love communicating with customers and giving them the best deal, the best work, the best experience I can. And it all started because of that mechanic that I took my quad to.”

Chris B (Technician):
“Because I was born to do this.”

And then, after the laughter subsided:

“But seriously, I think it’s the variety; doing something different every day. No day is the same, and the days go by really quickly. And I like the shop atmosphere, the camaraderie. Especially in this shop.”

Rob (Service Manager):
“I like this job because I feel like it caters to my aptitudes. I like talking with people, working together with people, and solving problems.That makes up the largest part of my job. I like how every customer’s situation is different, and the process of helping them plan their car expense.”

And finally, owner Chris:
“My reasons for getting into the trade as a technician were very similar to you guys. What pushed me into self-employment was the feeling that I always cared more than my co-workers – about the shop, about my work, and about the shop’s customers. I felt like I could deliver something better. What keeps me interested today is working with those customers, like Rob said. I feel like now I’m problem-solving on two fronts: fixing the vehicle, and then figuring out how we can work that into the owner’s budget – showing them what needs to be fixed now; what can wait; etc.

“That part is super satisfying.”

The My Garage team: Rob, Chris Dekker, Jay, Chris B., Richard and Nathan.
The My Garage team: Rob, Chris Dekker, Jay, Chris B., Richard and Nathan.

What gets you up in the morning, and keeps you going day after day? Let us know in the comments below or e-mail us HERE


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