Mitchell 1 adds vehicle trend data to checklist

by | Jun 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Mitchell 1 has enhanced the consumer report maintenance checklist in its ProDemand auto repair information software with exclusive vehicle trend information. The new feature gives auto repair shops additional insights into the vehicle status that they can share with their customers to make recommendations to keep their vehicles in peak running condition.

The consumer-friendly maintenance checklist provides a brief explanation written in easy-to-understand terms for many of the maintenance services – meant to be shared with vehicle owners. This makes it easy for service writers to engage with customers to explain the work being done to their vehicles.

The new vehicle trend data, based on the SureTrack database of more than 1 billion repair records, shows users the components most frequently replaced within 7,500 miles of the selected maintenance mileage interval. The vehicle trend list can provide an opportunity for additional inspection to ensure the components are operating properly.

“We are delighted to leverage the wealth of real-world data in SureTrack to add trend data analysis to the consumer-friendly maintenance checklists,” said Gary Hixson, senior market manager, Mitchell 1. “This enhancement not only helps shops make valuable recommendations, but gives customers a full picture of their vehicle’s status, allowing them to plan and prioritize future services to prevent emergency component failures.”

ProDemand delivers complete OEM repair information and exclusive real-world knowledge in a single lookup. The software now features 1SearchPlus, advanced search technology that returns the specific information needed in an easy-to-use graphical layout, organized in the same flow that auto technicians use when approaching a diagnosis and repair.

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