Mister Transmission exceeds fundraising goal

by | Jun 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Mister Transmission has exceeded its goal $10,000 and raised $13,000 for it’s newly minted Mister Transmission Charitable Fund.

Kicked off at the Mister Transmission 30th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, the new fund comes into place after five years of supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

An additional $25,000 is being donated by head office, for an initial total of $38,000.

The new Charitable Fund represents a shift as it will support franchisees in their communities through charitable contributions focused on children and youth in the areas of Health, Hardship, Education and Community.

Mister Transmission sent special thanks for support of corporate partners and sponsors in helping the fund exceed its initial goal, and sets up the organization to take an active role at the local level in supporting causes and organizations meaningful to franchisees and their communities.


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