Mister Transmission combines tech and business strategy

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There seems little doubt that the rapid technological advancements made in the automotive landscape are nothing new to the Mister Transmission franchisees, technicians, suppliers and guests who attended the organization’s annual convention.

Held in Mississauga, Ont. in late March, the one-day event was packed with concurrent sessions of technical training, vendor presentations, award giving, and strategic discussions.

Driveline technology has long been one of the most sophisticated areas in a vehicle, so even as other specialties ramp up their comfort level with new challenges, those used to dealing with the interplay of the electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems that make up automatic transmissions–whether mated to conventional ICE, hybrid, or all electric power are well positioned and anxious to stay on the learning curve.

The well-attended technical stream, presented by Keith Clark, technical advisor with the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, was a non-stop rundown of the many fixable issues being encountered on the road. Notably, in addition to the Mister Transmission franchisees and technicians in attendance, there were also two motive power apprentices invited from Centennial College in attendance. And, for what it’s worth, they sat up front.

Attendees all received a book of detailed tech bulletins, service advisories and fixes for a litany of issues with transmissions on the road. In addition, attendees reciprocated with observations of their own from the field that Clark made note of, and will likely end up in the compendium of issues to look for.

Mister Transmission also took the opportunity to recognize long-time franchisees and technicians, as well as those operations that had exceeding sales and growth targets.

Long Time Service Awards (technicians):                         
Richard Lewis  Woodbridge         10 years       
Gintas Cepulis   Winnipeg  113     10 years       
Matt Courneya   Peterborough     10 years       
Bob General        Stoney Creek      25 years       
Terry Hilton        London #2          25 years       
Walter Leko        Woodbridge        30 years       
Rafael Gonzalez    Calgary              30 years 

Certificate of Achievement 2018 (franchisees)                 
Tim Bellamy           Red Deer          5 years 
Daniel Biafore        Woodbridge    5 years
Lorenzo Biafore      Woodbridge  15 years       
Peter Almeida         London#1       20 years       
Richard Ennest        Burlington    30  years
Jacques Ritchot       Winnipeg       30 years       

Business Improvement 2018: Cecil Aitchison and Lumi Trif   Burnaby     

Diamond Achievement Award – Individual Stores                 
Ken and Wendy Lavender  Pickering                       
Gary and Bill Harling  North Bay                     

Sales Achievement: Terry and Cam Courneya  Peterborough           

Marketing and Advertising Committee members were also recognized.
Bill Harling (Sudbury & North Bay), Kris Carlson (Calgary), Ken Lavender
(Pickering), Chris Kennedy (Moncton), Frank Matchett (Coquitlam), Neil
Ritchot (Winnipeg), and Stafford Wong (GTA)


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