If Michelangelo worked on cars too . . .

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Artist Peter Maier may paint rock stars and reimagine fine art pieces, but he’s using Axalta Cromax automotive refinish products to do so.

A recent exhibition was held for the artist’s work in New York, NY in late April.

Maier achieves depth in colour using Axalta’s Cromax brand of automotive refinish coatings, as shown here in his “Self Portrait – 500 Years After Michelangelo.” (PRNewsfoto/Axalta)

The exhibit featured 10 pieces of Maier’s collection and was the first public showing of his Celebrity Series lifelike works of art featuring Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and others that were completed using Axalta’s refinish coatings.  The exhibition was held in the recently completed Madison Square Park Tower in conjunction with an open house to display the exclusive property.

“I’ve been called a colourist,” said Maier.  “I use Axalta’s Cromax coatings to achieve a depth of colour I can’t get from traditional fine art paints to create impossibly real works of art.  Unlike body shops who use these products, I don’t mix paint to create a colour, I layer it.  I start with a black base and add layers of colour until I get to the colour and depth I desire.  Some pieces have more than 100 layers of coatings on them.”

“We are extremely proud that Peter Maier uses Cromax refinish coatings to create masterful pieces of art,” said Troy Weaver, Vice President, Axalta North America Refinish.  “His work is truly a testament to the quality of our products and colour capabilities, and it’s an honour to see our expertise reflected in a fine art exhibition.”

Axalta has been the exclusive coatings supplier to Maier for more than 25 years.  His work is expansive, featuring animals, automobiles, people, and products, and is also highly collectable often selling for $100,000 or more.

To learn more about Peter Maier, visit petermaierart.com.  For more information on Axalta, visit axalta.com.



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