Mahle produces performance ring webinar

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Performance PowerPak piston sets and rings maker Mahle Motorsport recently produced a performance ring webinar for Epartrade, a global online motorsports network located at

The webinar answers many key questions engine builders have about performance rings, including: What are the advantages of using a modern ring set? Does weight play a factor? How have materials contributed to the modern ring design? How does the design of the ring impact the piston design? And how can rings be lighter yet more conformable and stronger?

The webinar, episode #334, was presented by Joe Maylish, Mahle Motorsport Program Manager and Mahle Motorsport engineer George Wright, and hosted by Brad Gillie, SiriusXM, channel 90, Late Shift talk host on the EPARTRADE website. It is also available to view in its entirety here.

Wright explains how new materials and Mahle’s partnership with OEs, racers, race teams and builders has driven the goal to produce lighter rings with increased material hardness, higher tensile and yield strength that are also stronger and more conformable.

Additionally, Maylish talks about their proprietary HV385 thermal spray coating that is embedded into the piston rings to improve scuff resistance, increase bond strength, provide quick and consistent break-in and sealing and reduce the coefficient of friction. 

The webinar opens with a brief introduction of the Mahle company in the USA and globally, engineering staff located at the company’s North Carolina headquarters, and images of the Morristown facility where the pistons are manufactured.

Maylish says, “Engine builders consistently tell us that our rings and PowerPak piston sets are always on the mark. We take a great deal of pride in how our rings are up to 35% stronger than other rings on the market and outperform on many levels including fatigue resistance and strength for high compression applications that can deliver ‘free horsepower.’

“Our rings are designed to operate under the highest cylinder pressures and RPMs in motorsports and is the result from years of OE research and development and partnership with race teams around the globe.”

For more information about Mahle Motorsport performance rings, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.


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