MAHLE deal with FCA gives aftermarket shops secure access

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MAHLE and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) have concluded a deal that will provide users of MAHLE diagnostic tools to have access to FCA diagnostic and service information through the secure data gateway.

According to information released by MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions, FCA is the first vehicle manufacturer to protect its OBD interfaces with a security gateway. Under the agreement, says MAHLE in the release from its Stuttgart head office, access will now be possible for users of MAHLE’s diagnostic tools, such as TechPRO or Connex.

The secure gateway was introduced to address concerns that third parties could gain access to security-relevant functions of vehicles through diagnostic and connectivity protocols. It has also become one of the central issues facing the aftermarket service industries as concerns over continuing access become more acute.

FCA responded to these cybersecurity concerns by introducing extensive security measures. Since then, the OBD interface can be read, but users cannot write or delete entries. Changes to vehicle systems were previously only possible using original FCA testers.

“The workshop will be able to purchase access from us in the form of an annual subscription and subsequently access the FCA portal. All relevant diagnostic additions will then be available and can be fully used. Users will be able to work with their diagnostic tool from MAHLE as usual, switching quickly to the FCA server in order to download the certificate that is required for certain service functions,” explains European zone spokesperson Joachim Schneeweiss, EMEA Sales Manager at MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions.

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