Lytton Greenfield. Vancouver, B.C. Red Seal Candidate

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One of the many challenges that the aftermarket has is attracting and retaining apprentices. Indie Garage recently caught up with Lytton Greenfield of Vancouver, B.C.,  an apprentice working toward his Red Seal certification.

He was good enough to provide some insight about the trade and the pathway that led him there.

IG; You’re an apprentice working your way to challenging the exam.

Lytton: Absolutely, yup. Gathering hours at Canadian Tire, studying my hardest and hoping to challenge my years’ exams. Well, up to three by the end of the year. Red Seal, if I’m lucky!

IG: What brought you to choose the apprenticeship pathway?

Lytton: Well, shoot, I gotta say a redneck family! Grew up working on bikes and cars, and tinkered forever.  I finally thought, well, I had all the tools – might as well get into the business.

IG: How’s it been going so far for you?

Lytton: So far, so good. I’ve spent a couple years at Canadian Tire, a couple years at a dealership…and now back again at Canadian Tire. And well, we’re like short order cooks. You never know what’s coming in. I had an electrical diagnosis on a Jaguar the other day. I’ve had head gaskets on engine swap Jeeps. Oh, it’s never a dull day!

IG: For somebody else who might be considering getting into the apprenticeship pathway, what would you tell them?

Lytton: Learn to love electrical.  ’Cause once you can figure out plus and minus, red and black, you can print money. That’s where our trade is going, I believe.

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Indie Garage is a proud supporter of the Red Seal Program

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