LSI intros NanoClear504 oil additive

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LSI Chemical introduces NanoClear504, a new ready-to-use oil additive engineered for higher viscosity mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic oils available to upgrade lubricating oils and greases.

NanoClear504 is formulated with three patented chemicals: clear nano carbon particles, a Group V Ester and Group IV PAO to allow for higher thermal conductivity, wear resistance, load carrying capacity and absorption ability.

Developed with proprietary nano-carbon technology, the nano particles form chain-like links that increase the molecular structure of the oil to form a thicker tribolayer.

The submicron particle size and polarity allow particles to fill in asperities on machined surfaces for greatly reduced wear, shear and oxidation stability. The result is increased horsepower and fuel economy and long-lasting engine and component protection.

The synthetic, colorless nano carbon lubricant increased horsepower and fuel economy by 1-5% in third party laboratory tests.

A Shell Rotella baseline oil treated with NanoClear504 demonstrated a reduction in counterface wear by 43% compared to the baseline oil.

Todd Cawley, LSI Chemical president, says, “NanoClear504 is very similar to our prior introduced product NanoClear304, except it has a thicker viscosity making it ideal for industrial or agricultural grease product development. Our patented process for carbon nano technology cannot be duplicated by any other refinery additive company and allows for higher load carry capacity, higher absorbability, and increased film strength. Also, there are no precipitation issues that are often the case with nano particles.”

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