Locking gas cap prevents that sinking feeling

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Titan locking gas cap

So, you’ve just arrived at your trusty old field truck, all set for a day’s work, only to find that some varmint has siphoned the gas out while it sat.

Whether it’s a field truck with more years than miles, or a really classic, cherry ’69 Bronco, or an off-road ride that sits at the ready for the weekend, that sinking feeling of being left high and dry does not need to happen.

United Pacific Industries has added the Titan Vented Locking Gas Cap to its extensive line of aftermarket accessories for classic cars and pickup trucks.

The top-quality rugged, military style fuel cap fits 1957-1970 Ford Bronco and Ford pickup trucks as well as 1949-1970 Ford cars.  It also can be used on 1947-1971 Chevrolet and GMC pickup models.

Available in chrome plated or matte black painted finishes, two keys are included for owner convenience.

United Pacific’s new vented locking gas cap is ideal for off-road enthusiasts and those vehicle owners that appreciate a robust design to guard against fuel theft.

“Our new Titan Vented Locking Gas Cap was created as a direct result of consumer demand,” explained Jai Baek, marketing & creative director, United Pacific Industries.  “This product guards against anyone attempting to steal fuel when the vehicle is left unattended.”

Part numbers for the United Pacific Industries’ Vented Titan Locking Gas Cap for all of these model vehicles are #110874 for chrome and #110875 for black.

About United Pacific Industries ­

United Pacific Industries is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty truck and classic vehicle parts.

With parts engineered with superior reliability to meet the demands of customers and automotive enthusiasts,

United Pacific sets the standard for quality, design and innovation. More than 20,000 parts are available from United Pacific for big rigs and classic cars. For more information, call 866.327.5288 or visit UPcarparts.com.


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