LIQUI MOLY extends Formula 1 involvement

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LIQUI MOLY extends its involvement in Formula 1 and concludes a contract with the racing series until the end of 2022.

At half of all races, advertising boards of the German oil and additive manufacturer will be on display. “Never before have we concluded a sponsorship deal with a greater media impact than this one,” says Ernst Prost, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY. The promotion schedule does not include the Canadian Grand Prix.

For three years, until the end of the 2022 season, LIQUI MOLY will be Official Sponsor of Formula 1. “The unique reach of Formula 1 enables us to increase LIQUI MOLY’s brand awareness all around the world,” says Ernst Prost. This is not just a matter of mere reach. “Formula 1 is premium in motorsport and LIQUI MOLY is premium in oils and additives. Advertising in Formula 1 is a strong signal to both the end users and the trade. This helps us stand out from the ever-increasing background noise of the media.”

LIQUI MOLY entered Formula 1 in 2019. A medium-sized oil and additive manufacturer in the world’s largest racing series – that really made the industry sit up and take notice. At eleven races, the blue and red logo was prominently displayed along the track. “In total, a cumulative TV audience of more than 1.9 billion people from almost 200 countries around the world watched these,” says Ernst Prost. Not to mention online broadcasts, the viewers on location and the post-event coverage. A total of almost two billion viewers from almost 200 countries watched the races of the 2019 season on screen. On site, there will be an average of 200,000 spectators per race and on social media, Formula 1 achieves impressions in the billions. Ernst Prost: “Such a global reach doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

“The fact that the partnership is expanding after a successful first year, proves the value that F1 can deliver in terms of brand recognition and preference,” says Chase Carey – CEO and Chairman of Formula 1. “We are excited to continue exploring ways to further integrate LIQUI MOLY into the F1 ecosystem.”

Formula 1 is the largest, but not the only globally relevant sponsorship of the oil brand. LIQUI MOLY is also represented in MotoGP, is the title sponsor of the LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12H endurance race, was present at the European Handball Championship in January, and also appeared at countless winter sports events. “None of this is an end in itself, but rather they are building blocks of our marketing concept to support retail sales at our partners,” explains Ernst Prost.

The global impact of these commitments is central to LIQUI MOLY. The share of its domestic market, Germany, in total sales is steadily declining. “We have such a strong position there that further growth is difficult to achieve,” says Ernst Prost. “And that is why our future lies in international business. There is still enormous potential lying dormant there, which we want to exploit. Formula 1 is an important instrument for this.”


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