Limited spots available for March RPM SMART Course

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Murray Voth’s RPM Training has limited spots available for its upcoming Service Management and Results Training (SMART) course,

The upcoming Service Management and Results Training is being held March 1 – March 29, 2022

This course is designed for shop own­ers, ser­vice advi­sors, and tech­ni­cians. It teach­es the pri­ma­ry key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors and the sys­tems and pro­ce­dures required to achieve them. This course helps guide shop owners to understand and run a high per­for­ming and prof­itable auto­mo­tive repair shop. 

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to pro­vide bet­ter cus­tomer and use refer­rals to grow your business
  • Adding one billed hour per tech­ni­cian per day will do a lot for your bot­tom line
  • How to reduce your and your client’s stress and improve your profits
  • Cus­tomer vehi­cles are com­plet­ed on time, help­ing us keep our commitments
  • Have more cus­tomers want to pay for your ser­vices and under­stand and appre­ci­ate what they have spent their mon­ey on
  • Improve over­all gross prof­it and net profit
  • Team mem­bers will be able to use time wise­ly and bill cus­tomers fair­ly, keep­ing our ser­vice rates down
  • Have con­fi­dence in charg­ing prop­er­ly for testing
  • Be able to under­stand the best inspec­tion process and how it informs your clients’ decisions
  • Be able to pre­book appoint­ments to help clients plan and bud­get, and even out the shop busi­ness cycles
  • Clients feel like you have their best inter­ests at heart and keep being loyal
  • Atten­dees will leave with action steps and com­mit­ments to implementation

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About RPM Training

RPM Training is owned and operated by Murray Voth. As a trainer and consultant for 15 years he has worked all across North America and has firsthand knowledge what is and is not working in each jurisdiction. His thorough understanding of the automotive business started when he owned and operated automotive maintenance and repair facilities for 20 years. During the time he owned his shops he took all training that was available. He continuously strives to improve his understanding of what it takes to be successful in this industry. He has firsthand experience of how to successfully implement the various skills, knowledge, tools, and processes that he now teaches.

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