Lead wheel weights to be banned in 2024

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As of February 3rd, 2024, the Government of Canada has prohibiting the manufacture and importation of lead wheel weights containing 0.1% lead. 

Shops will be permitted to utilize their existing inventory beyond this deadline, but in preparation for the upcoming deadline, AARO (Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario) advises that you consider purchasing non-lead weights to augment your store inventory prior to the implementation of the ban.

“This proactive measure will help guarantee that you possess the necessary inventory of various sizes to continue to service your customers’ needs,” offers the association.

According to a recent Government of Canada fact sheet, “The Government of Canada is dedicated to minimizing the exposure of lead to both the environment and its citizens, as lead is a harmful toxin. 

“Currently, the most prevalent material for wheel weights that balance a car’s tires is lead. Wheel weights frequently fall off the vehicle during normal operation, and they eventually wear down to lead dust. It is anticipated that the Canadian wheel weight market will continue to use lead in the absence of action.

“These Regulations will prevent new wheel weights containing lead from entering the Canadian market, thereby progressively eliminating Canadian lead wheel weight stocks.”

To access the full Government of Canada fact sheet, click here.

Our thanks to AARO for bringing this important bulletin to the industry’s attention.


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