KYB unveils Road Testing app and updated website

by | Dec 19, 2019 | 0 comments

KYB has recently launched a new Road Testing app and updated its website.

KYB is utilizing technology to achieve three objectives:

KYB has recently launched a new road testing app and updated its website.
  • First, train service professionals on how to determine if shocks should be replaced.
  • Second, provide better information to consumers on the condition of the vehicle.
  • Finally, help the consumer decide which replacement shock is the best choice for their needs.

The Road Testing App helps service providers start a conversation about shocks and struts with their customer.

Shocks and struts are an undersold category because technicians lack a good way to rate wear and service writers don’t have enough information or facts to recommend the sale with confidence.

The app addresses those issues and can even send Vehicle Condition Reports directly to the customer’s phone or email address. The Road Testing App can be downloaded at no charge and is available for Apple and Android devices

More consumers are researching auto parts before a purchase is made.

To help consumers make better, more informed decisions, the company has updated to be more consumer friendly. The site includes new videos, simple graphic icons that describe the purpose of each product, electronic catalogues by product category, and 360-degree product images.



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