KYB offers consumer chance to save on ride control

by | Jul 28, 2020 | 0 comments

KYB’s popular consumer rebate promotion, “Feeling is Believing,” will begin August 1st and run through the end of September.

The promotion is designed to help hard hit consumers restore their rides back to the vehicle’s original handling and control capabilities, hopefully adding some peace of mind in uncertain times.

The “Feeling is Believing,” promotion also benefits service providers, retailers and distributors by increasing sales on an undersold category. KYB has distributed printed materials with helpful tips for sellers along with the promotion details for informing consumers. The promotion provides a resource to help their customers drive safer and save up to $75 for choosing KYB. 

“Feeling Is Believing” allows consumers to earn $75 when they purchase a set of 4 KYB Strut-Plus products. $50 is offered with a set of 4 bare struts or on combinations of 2 Strut-Plus and 2 shocks or struts. $25 can be earned with the purchase of 4 KYB shocks or struts. This promotion is open to consumers across the U.S. and Canada, whether they purchase the shocks from a professional service provider or a retailer. For more information, please visit


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