Tire changer video from John Bean shows business benefits

by | Aug 21, 2020 | 0 comments

A new video from John Bean highlights how innovative tire changer technology can help shops grow their businesses with improved efficiency and productivity.

“Our new video shows how easy it is to change tires with a wide range of wheels and demonstrates how advanced tire changer technology is a game-changer for automotive service professionals,” said Leandro Camargo, product manager for John Bean. “By featuring the unique all-in-one John Bean T7800, they can see for themselves how this innovative tire changer improves efficiency and profitability.”

The John Bean T7800 leverless unit is easy-to-use and features a dynamic bead breaker system, intuitive control panel and the powerMONT tool that provides more flexibility in wheel clamping and reduces the possibility of wheel damage. Its integrated wheel lift helps reduce technician fatigue when handling heavy wheels and PROspeed continuously controls torque and speed, providing safe operation for the tire with the highest rotation speed available on a commercial unit.

“The T7800 tire changer was developed to provide more productivity, safe operation and added protection for the wheels. The video shows how it requires less effort and has a superior set of tools that only touch the tire, never the rim, minimizing the risk of damage when working with standard, UHP and run flat tires,” continued Camargo. “When you add in the lower bead camera viewer, on-floor bead breaker, QuickLok technology and a reverse mount wheel kit and light truck kit, shops can service a wider range of wheels with this full-featured tire changer.”

To learn more about the John Bean T7800 and other automotive wheel service and collision repair products, call 877-482-4866 or visit www.JohnBean.com.


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