John Bean becomes WorldSkills Global Partner

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John Bean, a global leader in automotive service equipment, is now a global industry partner of WorldSkills International. John Bean will support WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 with the automobile technology, providing wheel alignment and calibration equipment.

“We are very pleased to welcome such a world class company to WorldSkills,” said Alexander Amiri, director of sponsorship and partnership at WorldSkills International. “Their support will ensure we drive up excellence in automobile technology and keep those skills at the cutting- edge of technology.”

John Bean becomes WorldSkills Global Partner

For over 100 years, John Bean has consistently led the field with shop equipment technology innovations, including the world’s first wheel aligner, pressurized hoses that enabled the first motorized fire trucks, and most recently, pioneering 3D technology for aligners that deliver even greater accuracy.

Today, John Bean’s precision equipment includes wheel aligners, ADAS-calibration tools, test lanes, tire changers, wheel balancers and lifts designed and manufactured to the highest standards. In addition to managing the complexities of vehicle technology, John Bean places great emphasis on education and training of young people through dedicated academy programs, both virtually and in-person at training centers in all major geographic regions.

“We are delighted and excited to partner with WorldSkills in the automotive technology arena, as mobility is essential to a functioning world,” said Mariana Montovaneli, marketing manager for John Bean. “As vehicles are equipped with an ever-increasing amount of technology, ensuring proper service is paramount for the function of automobiles and for the safety of their passengers. Combining the world’s greatest young workshop talents with our cutting-edge technology will drive the skill in the coming years.”

John Bean was officially welcomed as the latest global industry partner during the General Assembly of WorldSkills International held Oct. 12-13. To learn more about John Bean products, visit


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