Induction heating offers advantages for shops

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Induction heating for shops offers significant advantages in term so accuracy, efficiency and safety.

Induction heating for shops offers significant advantages in term so accuracy, efficiency and safety.

“The advantages of induction heating compared with an open flame are numerous,” said David Zinkiewicz, business development manager-collision for JOSAM. “Using gas in the workshop is more dangerous and requires more maintenance than an induction heater. With an induction heater from JOSAM, you can minimize the risks of personal injury and damage to nearby sensitive machine parts during repair work that requires heating.”

JOSAM offers two powerful and efficient induction heating systems for its North American customers:

JH1500 – The JH1500 is lighter and easier to maneuver than its predecessor and with enhanced software, it still produces the same amount of power. Heat is applied directly to the material without the need to disassemble nearby heat-sensitive components. Chassis, axles, joint reinforcements, bolts, clamping rings, pins and heavier steel parts can simply be heated up for loosening, adjusting or straightening. Featuring five output levels, the JH1500 is water cooled with a compressor for optimal running time and is the perfect solution for most shops that execute demanding types of heating work.

JH1000 – Ideal for lighter straightening and loosening of coarser machine parts, such as nuts and bolts, bushings, bearings and smaller chassis parts, the JH1000 is a flexible, powerful induction heater adapted for truck and construction machinery workshops. It is designed for improved movability and has a long hose package and cables for long reach. The heating effect can be controlled through the five output levels on the control panel and efficient cooling is provided via a fan and condenser unit in a closed water cooling system.

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