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In Motion Brands has announced a recent strategic partnership with's Founder & CEO John Harvey with In Motion Brands' COO James Channer.’s Founder & CEO John Harvey joined with In Motion Brands’ COO James Channer to usher in their new strategic partnership.

In Motion Brands has announced a recent strategic partnership with

In Motion Brands (IMB) will deliver a state-of-the-art digital showroom for both tire and wheel e-commerce, along with a national service network of automotive service providers facilitating the procurement and installation of tire and wheel packages for CrashBay’s fleet clients.

In Motion Brands improves business performance for owners in the automotive aftermarket in a way never before offered in the industry. Its client list includes businesses with one location, dozens of locations, and even hundreds of locations.

“IMB offers a one-stop shop of best-in-class solutions, software and services that allows us the flexibility to meet our rapidly expanding digital marketplace. The team at IMB has been able to facilitate immediate scale by aligning us with a marketplace of automotive service providers from coast to coast while also providing best-in-class software that aligns with our technology stack,” commented CrashBay Founder & CEO John Harvey.

CrashBay delivers a digital marketplace for car and fleet owners to easily access a marketplace of approved automotive service providers offering various services from collision repair, detailing, vehicle service, glass, tires, and wheels – basically anything under the car care umbrella.

“John and the team at CrashBay are the type of game-changers we love to partner with. CrashBay is a perfect example of marrying the physical elements of the business to a strong digital strategy. Getting phygital is a must,” explains James Channer, COO of IMB.

The strategic partnership has already launched over 100 automotive service locations into the CrashBay digital marketplace.

“Expansion of this offering will continue across Canada and the USA in the coming months. Offering car owners and our fleet and insurance partners more options to book with the best shops in their communities delivering ‘Car Repair & Service Anytime Anywhere,’” explains Harvey.

CrashBay and IMB have an aligned vision to create value for all stakeholders by leveraging technology that has yet to become commonplace within the automotive aftermarket. We’ve seen marketplaces take off in other segments, and CrashBay is doing that in automotive.

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