In-depth HEV/EV/PHEV training course open

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Automotive Career Development Center is holding HEV/EV/PHEV classes at its Worcester, Mass., training centre this June.

Automotive Career Development Center’s “Up Your Voltage!” Class # 69, held at ACDC’s headquarters in Worcester, Mass., is now open for enrolment in two week-long segments: Week One: June 5-9; and Week Two: June 12-16.

“Up Your Voltage” features two weeks of daily onsite training (no nights or weekends), with 30 hours of online training and 3 ACDC books. Additonal study is done at home, or work before class. Hotel and meals are included.

Every day you are in a shop working on the most popular HEVs and EVs.

A maximum of 12 students per class will learn on 17 HEV-EV-PHEVs that are owned by ACDC. (The centre recently added a Ford C-Max to its fleet of EMVs, and a Tesla last year.)

In the first week, “Up Your Voltage (UYV) Part 1” is a deep dive into High Voltage Safety, PICO scopes, electrical diagnosis, HV test equipment, insulated tools and more.

Next, you will learn work on and learn the systems on Honda, Toyota, Ford and VW, which are still on the road in big numbers. We will also make sure you are ready for the latest HEVs, working on ACDC’s own HEVs in a real shop environment at the ACDC training centre. Continue your learning after class as the books are yours, and training codes are good for six months.

In the second week, “Up your Voltage (Part 2)” is all about plug-ins. PHEVs and EVs are growing in sales. Each day you will have a different PHEV or EV in class to work on in the shop, including Chevy, Nissan, Ford, Kia and Tesla. The components covered in UYV Part 1 will be examined again, as we do a deeper dive on:

  • 1. Internal combustion engines
  • 2. Batteries
  • 3. Transmissions
  • 4. Electric motors
  • 5. Inverters/boost-converters/capacitors
  • 6. Regenerative braking
  • 7. DC-DC converters
  • 8. Electric power steering
  • 9. HVAC (now called Thermal Management)
  • 10. Grid charging

Once you graduate, there is tech support available if you sign up for the ACDC program called QSP that keeps you up to date.

The full course covers ten days. “Up Your Voltage #69” can be done over two weeks, or you can attend for one week and then return later for one more week to complete Part 2.  The fee is $5000 (US) per class or $10,000 (US) for both if done over two weeks.

The fee includes hotel (private room), three books, notebook, lots of great info on a 14G jump drive, breakfast, lunch and one special dinner.

Once you are in Worcester, the class includes ground transportation, using an ACDC hybrid or EV (must share a ride). A deposit of 50% will hold a seat and get the pre-study sent out.

ACDC offers the most up-to-date hybrid and EV training anywhere. We have three great local technicians that work on these cars every day: Jamie, Matt and George, plus Aiden, our ACDC in-house trainer.

To sign up, call (508) 826-4546, or email Craig at


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