Hyundai and carsharing co-op boost hydrogen power in Canada

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Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. announced that it is launching the NEXO hydrogen cell-powered SUV in collaboration with the Modo carsharing co-operative.

Through the arrangement, says Hyundai, the NEXO will bring fuel cell technology to a much wider audience than ever before.

Though overshadowed by electric drivetrain technologies in recent years, hydrogen cell technology does carry some advantages.

NEXO’s hydrogen fuel cell is a fully sustainable energy source, which allows the vehicle to emit water vapour.

This technology also provides the vehicle with superior range conservation in cold climates compared to other battery electric powertrains; a five minute refill will carry you for up to 570 KM.

Vancouver-based Modo will make two NEXO vehicles available for consumer use in the coming weeks through its carsharing services. This collaboration will provide Vancouverites with unparalleled access to fuel cell vehicles, allowing more Canadians than ever to learn about and experience this technology firsthand. Hyundai will also be the first to make fuel cell vehicles available for retail sale through select local dealerships.

“We are excited to be the first carshare to offer consumers the opportunity to experience a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for themselves,” says Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo. “Supporting a cleaner BC aligns with Modo’s social and environmental purpose as a member-owned co-operative. We are grateful to Hyundai Canada and the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association for their financial contribution in making this possible.” 

While hydrogen fueling infrastructure is still in the early stages of development, Vancouver is home to one of Canada’s only public refueling stations located in the city’s Marpole neighborhood. Members of the public who are interested in test-driving NEXO are able to do so at the Vancouver International Auto Show, which runs from March 19 through 24.


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