Hofman Geoliner 920 designed for heavy-duty wheel alignments

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Fast, accurate and comprehensive wheel alignments are the rule, not the exception, with the new Hofmann geoliner 920 heavy duty wheel alignment system.

“The new Hofmann geoliner 920 makes checking the alignment on heavy duty vehicles easier and faster than ever before,” said Adam Brown, product manager for Hofmann. “With support for a wide range of vehicles, the geoliner 920 was specifically developed to perform accurate, complete alignments on everything from medium duty trucks to mobile cranes.”geoliner 920 wheel algnment

The new Hofmann geoliner  920 heavy duty wheel aligner has many exceptional productivity-enhancing advantages, including:

  • Speed – in under four minutes, a single operator can measure a vehicle and cut that time in half by measuring both sides of the vehicle simultaneously with another operator.
  • Flexibility – the area used to perform alignments remains fully available for other tasks when there is no alignment in process.
  • Profitability – increased revenue with fast, drive-through alignment checks.

“By mounting the targets to the floor or wall, you’ll experience a faster, easier set-up time. The only devices left to be mounted on the vehicle are the wheel clamps and measuring heads,” continued Brown. “In addition, the geoliner 920 simplifies the repair process because the user-friendly interface provides real-time adjustments.”

Visit https://us.hofmann-equipment.com/en/.


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