Have your say: Ontario seeks input on apprenticeship

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Ontario’s apprenticeship youth advisors are looking for ways to improve access for young people in Ontario to apprenticeships and the skilled trades.

In August 24, 20 the province appointed youth advisors to provide advice and recommendations to the minister about how to engage more young people (under 30 years of age) in the skilled trades and address the stigma associated with pursuing a career in the skilled trades.

The youth advisors focus on four key areas:

  • break the stigma associated with pursuing a career in the skilled trades
  • identify the barriers preventing youth from underrepresented groups entering the skilled trades and explore strategies to encourage their participation
  • improve access into apprenticeship
  • support the retention of apprentices and successful completion of an apprenticeship program

To inform recommendations, the youth advisors want to hear from educators, students, apprentices, journeypersons, parents, employers and others who want to share their opinion and experiences on how the province can better encourage and prepare more young people to pursue a career in the skilled trades.

With this in mind, a SURVEY has been created to gather input.


The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Closing date is February 26, 2021.

An apprenticeship is a pathway to a rewarding career in the trades. As an apprentice, you take classes and learn your trade by working under the direction of experienced journeypersons – and get paid while you do it.

There are currently 144 designated trades in Ontario. For more information, see the full list of trades.


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