Getting your auto service messaging right on COVID-19

by | Mar 17, 2020 | 1 comment

Providing the right messaging to your auto service customers about what you’re doing to combat the spread of COVID-19 is an important consideration for your business.

A number of auto service providers have reached out with what they’re doing to build confidence with their customers as well as protect their own staff.

From this, Indie Garage has created some basic points to communicate to customers. These points are available for use by shops as they see appropriate for the services they are providing:

In order to address concerns regarding the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, we have implemented a number of measures with the health and well-being of our customers and staff in mind.

We are offering the remote pickup and delivery of customer vehicles. Please call us to arrange pickup.

We will provide vehicle check-in and check-out outside our business for those looking to minimize contact. Our service advisors are equipped with tablets so they can come and meet you outside.

Keys can be dropped in our drop box. No touch pickup can also be arranged.

We will ensure that all vehicles are cleaned with antiseptic wipes including the steering wheel, door handles, window and mirror controls, and shifter by staff before and after service.

Our courtesy vehicles are also cleaned and disinfected daily for your confidence.

Our service personnel already wear nitrile gloves as a matter of practice as a further measure of lessening contact. In addition, we have redoubled our efforts for personal cleanliness such as hand washing in accordance with the best available information.

We have also increased our cleaning regimen for our facility, with special attention to all customer contact areas.

Our staff have been instructed to closely monitor their own health and to not report for work if they suspect they are ill.

It is our priority to ensure that we continue to deliver the best service for your vehicles and to do our utmost to address your concerns at this time.

It is our hope at Indie Garage that all professionals in this industry are healthy and secure through this time and that this information is useful for those shops who want to do the right thing, but feel they can’t quite find the right words.

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  1. Andrew Connor

    Thanks for this article. It really is a testament to our industry on how quickly we can adapt to a changing environment. Hats off to those innovative thinkers for helping us navigate through difficult times. You’re keeping our industry alive. Keep it up. We’ll get through this.


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