Front End Drive System Inspections Can Lead to Happier Customers and More Revenue

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Serpentine belts have come a long way from the days of neoprene compounds but the expectation is that today’s belts will run without noise for longer periods and handle a wider range of temperature extremes. The truth, however, is that they still need proper maintenance and replacement. In fact, according to the Auto Care Association, 20% of the vehicles on the road need a belt replacement. This is a great inspection and maintenance opportunity for your shop.

Today’s Serpentine Belts:

  • Don’t form cracks like older neoprene belts
  • Made from EPDM, they wear more like tire tread
  • Can often have over 10 points of contact

Belts and their associated components generally have a life expectancy of about 160,000 km on good drives, but not all drives are created equal and many are problematic direct from the assembly line. That’s why they need to be closely inspected to identify signs of wear especially since belts perform in some of the most hostile environments. Also keep in mind that certain circumstances like long idle times or extreme operating conditions can accelerate wear.

Over 80% of all belt failures and replacements occur after the vehicle passes the 136,000 km mark so work with your customers to ensure system replacement before then.

Dayco Makes System
Replacement Easy

Dayco serpentine belt kits have been designed for the most popular applications, ensuring mechanics have all the parts needed for a complete repair job. This kit helps improve vehicle performance and reduce comebacks. And with installation instructions inside the box, your shop will have the necessary details to get the job done right. System replacement has several benefits

  • Helps avoid slip or misalignment issues from worn components
  • Allows for more enhanced vehicle performance
  • Creates less chance of comebacks
  • Increases profitability for your shop

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