Fountain Tire’s Denise Gohl-Eacrett named marketing leader

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Denise Gohl-Eacrett, Director, Brand and Customer Experience at Fountain Tire was named a 2019 Marketer of the Year.

The award, bestowed by strategy magazine, recognizes marketing leaders who stand out from their peers with breakthrough marketing, branding and creative campaigns.

“Denise has done a tremendous amount of work to advance Fountain Tire’s branding,” says Kristi Dubeau, General Manager, Marketing at Fountain Tire. “What is unique in our organization is that we have a network of store manager/owners we work with to deliver on the in-store customer experience. Within this partnership, Denise led the pivot of our brand to one with enhanced focus on the customer, initiated meaningful sponsorships to bring the brand to life, and continually championed collaboration with and among our agency partners to deliver creative campaigns.”

As Director, Brand and Customer Experience, Gohl-Eacrett is responsible for external communications to drive awareness through to supporting long-term customer relationships across 160 Fountain Tire stores in Canada.

Her contribution to reinvigorating the company’s brand in 2018 saw Fountain Tire move away from its humour-based platform to a deeply human one, reflected in the tagline “We’re on this road together.”

With it, her team and agency partners launched a series of award-winning, experiential activations to communicate safety (“Safest Highways”) and problem-solving (“Fountain Tire Truck-Thru”). New sponsorships and activations with the NHL (“Fanbods”) and WHL and OHL (“Fountain Tire 3 Stars”) further brought the brand to life.

Marketing success was bolstered by a reorganization of the company’s marketing group to support the brand from the inside out, with the addition of its digital customer support team to Gohl-Eacrett’s portfolio. Gohl-Eacrett’s commitment to delivering creative executions that support an exceptional customer experience are integral to her being named one of strategy’s 2019 Marketers of the Year.

Gohl-Eacrett accepted the award in Toronto alongside fellow Marketers of the Year from Scotiabank, Hershey, Canadian Tire and Clorox.


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