Fountain Tire creates truck-sized drive through

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A one-of-a-kind drive through coffee shop popped up at Edmonton’s Rosenau Transport. The Truck-Thru by Fountain Tire is a drive-thru that tractor trailers can actually drive through. The unique pop-up shop served free coffee and snacks right to truck drivers’ windows as a way of saying thank-you to an industry that has persevered through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

The inability of many coffee shop drive through windows to accommodate trucks has been a persistent sore point for transport professionals, even as coffee chains make special curbside accommodations for truckers.

“Canada’s transport industry has worked hard these past few months to deliver essential goods across the country,” said Nelson Tonn, Vice President Sales and Mine Service at Fountain Tire. “We’re on this road together with commercial and fleet customers across Western Canada and wanted to say thank-you to a longstanding partner that has worked tirelessly during – and before – the pandemic.”

Ken Rosenau, President, Rosenau Transport Ltd. commented, “Fountain Tire’s Truck-Thru has been a terrific way to recognize the commitment our drivers make every day. As a company that prides itself on service, it’s important for Rosenau to be aligned with partners who understand our needs, our drivers’ and our customers’ needs.” 

The Fountain Tire Truck-Thru was launched in 2018 to recognize how downtime can have a major bearing on a company’s bottom line. It is a lighthearted way to demonstrate that small actions – such as getting a coffee from the convenience of the cab – can have a large impact for transport and delivery vehicles.

The Fountain Tire Truck-Thru will be popping up at locations across Western Canada throughout 2020.

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