Forgeline adds three new retro wheel designs

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Three new retro style designs expand Forgeline Motorsports’ already large line of wheels, offering more choices in classic-inspired wheels. 

The company’s new retro designs include:

JO3C – a five-spoke wheel

* JO3C – a five-spoke wheel inspired by the vintage Chevrolet SS design of the late ’60s and early ’70s. It was originally developed for country singer James Otto’s personal pro-touring Chevelle, with the lineup up now offered in 18-, 19- and 20-inch sizes.

NT3C – a lightweight, open-lug design.

* NT3C – a lightweight, open-lug design inspired by five-spoke designs popularized in the ’80s. Forgeline teamed up with Neil Tjin, of Tjin Edition RoadShow, to create the bronze wheel, which is shown on Tjin’s customized Ford Mustang in the Ford Motor Company display.

* LS3C – a three-piece design that updates Forgeline’s classic LS mesh wheel from the Nineties. The latest materials, engineering and machining technologies modernize the design, while retaining the classic style that was popular on Porsches, BMWs and other European sports cars. 

LS3C – a three-piece design.

Like other Forgeline wheels, they’re available in virtually unlimited backspacing and color options, ensuring a tailored fit and appearance for every vehicle. 
“Forgeline Motorsports created these retro themed styles to provide homage to the classic wheels of the past, utilizing today’s materials and manufacturing that make them lighter and stronger,” explained David Schardt, Forgeline Motorsports president.  “And with our sizing, color and powder coating capabilities, there are no compromises when it comes to selecting a wheel-and-tire combination.  You’ll get the right fit and stance.”  
That’s exactly what James Otto found when he specified the new wheels for his classic Chevelle.  “Forgeline creates the strongest wheels in the industry, with the most innovative and aesthetically appealing designs.  They’ve become the brand of choice among the pro-touring community,” said James Otto. “I’m really happy with how the new JO3C wheel fits my Chevelle, because it fills out the wheel wells and gives the car just the right stance.” 



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