Ford Motor Company selects OEC RepairLink solution

by | Mar 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Ford Motor Company has selected OEConnection LLC (OEC), the leading automotive technology provider for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) distribution networks, for a comprehensive mechanical parts ordering and fulfillment program through the OEC RepairLink solution.

With the Ford and Motorcraft Stars (FAMS) Pricing Program, Ford Certified Parts Wholesale Dealers are able to offer competitive pricing to their mechanical repair shop customers on program parts utilizing the RepairLink platform. Over a pilot period of five months, program parts sales increased 182% year over year. “What was more interesting, though,” noted Jon Palazzo, OEC Vice President, Mechanical, “was that the program lifted parts sales overall. We saw a 150% jump in parts sales, which exceeded our expectations.”

“The program achieved those results by giving the shop the best price while sourcing parts,” he added.

Another benefit to the program is that it builds loyal RepairLink customers, which benefits all OEM dealers using RepairLink. “Shops coming to to order program parts notice that the OE part prices are comparable to aftermarket parts, so they can order more OE parts at the best available price,” Palazzo said.

“The pilot was a huge success…our FAMS program part sales grew, but most importantly all of our parts sales grew in the RepairLink channel during the pilot.  We are excited to move forward with the FAMS program.  We see huge potential in growing our mechanical presence throughout the United States,” said Carey White, Aftermarket Operations Manager at Ford Motor Company.


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