Quick Video: Five tips to help apprentices be successful

by | Jul 26, 2018 | 0 comments

(59 seconds) Being an apprentice can be tough. It’s the beginning of a rewarding career that will challenge you every day.

Here are five tips from shop owners and apprentices that can help make that journey just a little smoother.

  1. Be humble. You can be proud of your progress and still realize you have a long way to go
  2. Stay positive. You are at the beginning of a challenging, lifelong learning journey.
  3. Ask questions. Ask for help whenever you’re uncertain. And say Thank you to those who help.
  4. Speak up. Never let a problem or uncertain repair leave the bay. Not sure? Say something.
  5. Be realistic. You should insist that a shop teach you properly, but recognize that everybody sweeps the floor from time to time.



Show up ready for work every day you are scheduled to be there. If for a very good reason it is not possible for you to arrive at the scheduled time, let the shop know as soon as possible.




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