Facility sanitizing solution

by | Sep 18, 2020 | 0 comments

The number one mandate for COVID-19 prevention in any Automotive Facility is regular sanitizing and disinfecting.
The Hilltip Spraystriker 30M makes quick and efficient work of this task giving your customers and staff the piece of mind.

This machine features (2) 40′ hose reels on each side allowing operators to treat hard to reach areas.

The 30 micron misting nozzles create a fine fog that completely covers treated surfaces without over saturating or spotting. The Bluetooth enabled control app allows complete operator control in the rates of application.

The Spraystriker 30M is a great addition to any Covid-19 mitigation plan! For more information, contact Paul at 647-933-3663 or paul@theshowroomguy.com.


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