EV ‘Transportation as a Service’ launches in Toronto

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Facedrive Inc. has launched Steer, the company’s electric vehicle (EV) subscription service in Toronto, Ontario, and delivered its first batch of vehicles to customers.

Facedrive calls itself a Canadian “people-and-planet first” tech ecosystem.

Steer’s subscription-based Transportation as a Service (TaaS) business model was originally launched in Washington, DC and currently operating with over 130 EV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

Facedrive has brought the platform home to Toronto, which will serve as the Canadian launch pad for Steer.

Steer, a technology-driven EV/PHEV subscription platform, was acquired by Facedrive from Exelorate Enterprises LLC, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation in September 2020.

Incubated within and backed by Exelon, a Fortune 100 company and the largest producer of clean energy in the United States, Steer was created to challenge the traditional car purchase and ownership model and accelerate the general public’s switch over to environmentally friendly transportation through an automobile subscription service.

The official Steer App for Toronto has now been launched in IOS and Android app stores, making month-to-month subscriptions available to Torontonians.

Steer’s all-in subscription price for an EV vehicle includes driver essentials such as insurance, routine maintenance and repair, and a concierge service that removes the hassle of car ownership and enables seamless vehicle swaps.

In the first phase of the Toronto launch, Steer’s fleet consists of Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles for the “Practical Member” tier and Tesla Model X and Model S vehicles for the “Premier Member” tier. The Toronto market response has already resulted in over 1,000 registrations to date, as well as a growing number of deposits from subscribing customers.

Following this initial launch phase, Steer plans to scale up operations to expand across Canada and the USA. EV vehicle options are growing significantly on an annual basis, presenting Steer as the ideal solution for consumers to explore and select the EV vehicle that fits their lifestyle.

This announcement of Steer’s launch in Canada comes on the heels of the growing public attention to the issue of climate change and governments’ intensifying efforts to mitigate these effects. As an ESG ecosystem, Facedrive has voiced its commitment to addressing environmental, social and governance concerns since its inception, and will continue working towards a better future alongside responsible governments, businesses and individuals.

The Company’s Steer vertical provides strategic synergy to Facedrive’s other verticals including Facedrive Rideshare and Facedrive Foods, with Steer’s business model strongly aligning with Facedrive’s ESG mandate and focus on the environmentally conscious consumer. Capitalizing on the ongoing dramatic shift in the automotive industry and consumer behavior patterns, Steer has embraced the rising global trends of environmental consciousness and a sharing economy. The compelling story behind Steer’s vision is combined with excellent customer service standards and a commitment to operational excellence.

The feedback from Steer’s first Canadian-trial customers has been very encouraging. Siddarth Prakash, an IT professional from Toronto who is currently behind the wheel of Steer’s Tesla Model Y, has shared his experience using the service: “I have been very excited to get started with Steer and see my new vehicle. I have been constantly in touch with the Steer team and look forward to meeting them in person as I pick up my Tesla Model Y today”.

“The expansion of Steer to Canada marks a watershed moment for environmentally responsible transport in Canada, and we are thrilled that Canadians will now have hassle free, on demand and flexible access to high-quality EV’s with a few clicks on their smartphone,” said Sayan Navaratnam, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Facedrive.

“Steer’s products and service offerings have garnered an overwhelmingly positive response according to the initial feedback we’ve received from retail consumers in Toronto. Moreover, we have been contacted by potential corporate customers interested in enrolling their employees in Steer’s eco-friendly subscription service. In order to meet the demand for the service and be able to supply a larger number of vehicles to the customers in a shorter time, we are looking at financing the vehicles with Tier 1 financial institutions. The Steer team is working hard to provide conscientious Canadians with the ability to choose responsible transportation solutions while enjoying superior quality of service”.

Steer’s customer signup process is easy and it can be started in one click of a button at www.steerev.com, with subsequent vehicle selection, booking or upgrades being just as convenient. Steer’s seamless user experience, bespoke concierge services and growing fleet enables it to aspire for a leadership position in the industry and grow a loyal fan base in its existing markets.

For more about Facedrive, visit www.facedrive.com.


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