Eccles Auto Service adds EV shuttle, markets EV service

by | May 12, 2021 | 1 comment

Eccles Auto Service of Dundas, Ont.,has once again raised the bar for its customer service offerings with the addition of a Chevy Bolt courtesy shuttle.

The business has hit the headlines regularly over the years for its work with community and customers.

The addition of the EV has had a demonstrable effect, says Bruce Eccles.

“The response from our clients is overwhelming.  Most have never had  the experience of being in an electric vehicle, ” he says.

Eccles Auto has also added two EV charging stations and created two dedicated EV parking and charging spots on their lot.

“We will be promoting the need for EVs to be serviced and that we can provide that service,” he continues.
“Looking to the future as always.”

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  1. Dave Giles

    Great to see other shops seeing the future with EV’s! Our shops are 100% electric only, and do no ICE vehicles. With a cliental of over 400 EV owners and service only EVs in Atlantic Canada and offer extended warranty on EVs this including high voltage service.

    Check out our page!


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