E-learning from Wakefield Canada builds customer experience

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It’s been shown that when a consumer decides on an auto service location, that the quality of service, the business reputation and staff attention rate extremely high on their decision triggers.

Revealed in the 2018 Ipsos Reid Canadian Automotive Aftermarket Monitor, among other details, is that the best way to help shops build their reputation is through knowledgeable counter staff and service advisors.

Recognizing a need for top quality training, Wakefield Canada (the exclusive Canadian distributor of Castrol premium products) has developed a comprehensive turn-key training solution. The free on-demand e-learning guides are available through Wakefield Connect (www.wakefieldconnect.com). This exclusive training program is available for staff who work in shops that carry Castrol products.

Wakefield Connect learn guides are self-paced and can be taken whenever and wherever. The learning guides have been designed to be concise, informative and engaging.  Participants sign-up on-line and can then have access to over 30 courses in both English and French.

Castrol wakefield e-learning engine oil lubricants

“The e-learning guides we provide include a wide range of subjects from The Basics of Brake Fluids to Grease Fundamentals,” says Ian Hutchison, Marketing Manager for Wakefield Canada. “We also work to keep current with subjects like CASTROL’s Fight Against Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). With today’s everchanging automotive technologies, it’s critical to keep frontline workers up to date and knowledgeable.”

Wakefield Canada also offers promotional campaigns to reward users for participating in the program. 

Those who complete all available e-learning guides before March 31st will automatically be entered into a draw for the cutting edge OneWheel+XR self-balancing electric skateboard.

Owners & staff can enroll for free at www.wakefieldconnect.com


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