E-Commerce for shops at the push of a button

by | Jun 3, 2021 | 0 comments

VL Communications has announced that a new button appearing in the latest version of AB Magic shop management software changes the way of performing e-commerce.

VL Communications celebrates 35 years of creation and is launching a revolutionary new version of AB Magic for mechanical and tire shops.

Workshops across Canada will all be able to benefit from the basket that has just appeared on the estimates’ windows and it is able to link absolutely all parts distributors (small and large) and all tire distributors, regardless of the banner.

AB Magic represents 4,000 users from coast to coast and represents an enormous online sales potential.

Rather than offering long and complex integrations, the cart button is made to import the baskets of all those who will take a few minutes to copy the code specially designed for AB Magic users and thus allow a direct link between their ordering site and their customers who use the software.

The NetCom Company accepted the challenge and many people can now order with their shopping cart, including Super Auto Parts and Unitrans customers.

The AB Magic Cart is a fast and secure way to access e-commerce, regardless of the size of the distributor.

For more information, contact the VL Communications at1-800-268-4044 # 108.


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