Digital vehicle inspection launched by Fountain Tire

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Digital vehicle inspection and reporting became standard practice across Fountain Tire locations this month. The new offering provides customers with detailed photos and descriptions taken during the vehicle inspection process.

Digital vehicle inspection reports play an important role in customer communication, education and transparency in the vehicle repair process.

digital vehicle inspection fountain tire

“Our Digital Vehicle Report allows Fountain Tire associates to show, not just tell, customers exactly what’s happening with their tires, brakes and mechanical systems,” says Dave Deley, Senior Vice President, Stores at Fountain Tire. “This is a tool to help educate our customers and make sure they understand the health of their vehicle so they can be safe on the road.”

Fountain Tire’s Digital Vehicle Report allows technicians to photograph and record video of their vehicle inspections. The visual assets are combined in a simple, colour-coded report that clearly communicates the condition of each inspected component. Reports are sent straight to the customer’s phone or computer, which means they can see exactly what the technician sees. This allows the customer to make an informed decision about any recommended repair, while offering added transparency and reinforcing the trust relationship between customers and associates. 

“Digital vehicle inspections have enhanced our COVID safety measures as well,” adds Deley. “We’ve been able to maintain communication with our customers – a top priority at Fountain Tire – without them having to be in store. Contributing to customers’ safety both in the store and on the road reinforces our promise of ‘we’re on this road together.’” 

The Digital Vehicle Report will be complimentary with tire and mechanical service visits at participating Fountain Tire locations across Canada. For more information, visit


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