Decoupling washers help dissipate engine, road noise

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Boom Mat, specialist in sound control, now offers an innovative way to control vibration between two metal parts. Boom Mat Decoupling Washers are made from polyurethane elastomer that work as a barrier between two metal bodies to help dissipate vibrational energy, resonance and impact.

Ideal for any vehicle, especially early model, they can be used to decouple gas tanks, fenders or any metal body component to reduce engine and road vibration noise.  The decoupling washers are also designed to work over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures ranging from -20°F to 200°F.

Boom Mat Decoupling washers help dissipate engine, road noise
Decoupling washers help dissipate engine, road noise.

Multiple sizes are available for most any type of installation between metals for automotive or powersports applications including fuel tanks on motorcycles, body mounts, fender mounts and more. Simply add the washer between the two pieces of metals to experience improved interior sound. The decouplers, made from viscoelastic elastomers, have a tensile strength of 2,400 PSI and a 67A hardness.

Boom Mat’s Decoupling Washers are available for purchase either as an assortment kit, or they can be purchased individually in one of five different sizes. Current availability are either in a quantity of 4 or 10 per pack based on ID and OD size, or as an assortment of five different washers.

Part #Description
Part #050087Assortment of 5 Different Size Washers, Qty. 35 washers
Part #0500889/16” (.6” ID x 1.162” OD), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050089½” (.531” ID x 2.5” OD), Qty. 4 pack
Part #050090½” (.531” ID x 1.062 OD), Qty. 10 pack
Part #0500913/8” (.406″ ID x 125” OD), Qty. 10 pack
Part #0500923/8” (.406” ID x .812” OD), Qty. 10 pack

For more information about Boom Mat Decoupling Washers manufactured by DEI, visit, call DEI at 800-264-9472 or e-mail:


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