Dayco Timing Belt Kits for Complete System Repair

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With a focus on system solutions, Dayco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of timing belt kits – providing coverage for the majority of domestic and import vehicles on the road today.

These kits, which are sold with and without water pumps, include all the components needed to conduct a complete system repair. Every part that your shop needs to make sure the job’s done right the first time is included with each part number – including the timing belt, pulley and tensioner.

Addressing a Timing Belt TSB for Hondas and Acuras

The no. 1 Dayco timing belt kit ordered by shops is for a Honda V6 3.5 liter engine – so Dayco put together an installation video, especially since there is a TSB for many Honda and Acura engines, where a chirp can be heard from the lower timing belt area. Dayco actually includes a shim kit in each box that helps resolve the problem. If you work on these vehicles or have run into the infamous chirp, the following training video is a MUST WATCH! A Dayco tech shows exactly what to do if the noise is heard.

Dayco Kits Meet OEM Criteria

Dayco timing belt kits are manufactured to critical original equipment quality, fit, form and function requirements demanded by today’s leading OEMS. Each kit includes:

  • Timing belts manufactured with wear-resistant fabric, high tensile strength cord and molded tooth surface, offering slip-proof power transfer and high heat resistance
  • Idler pulleys with smoother surfaces, tighter dimensional tolerances and premium lubricated bearings, which translate to less vibration, better belt performance and pulley service life
  • Tensioners with a heavy-duty cast aluminum spring case and arm that resist cracking and fatigue, reducing the risk of distortion
  • Water pumps with superior gaskets that retain bolt torque, a roller bearing hub and composite seals to prevent leaks

For more information, or to find the right kit for the vehicle you’re servicing, click here.


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