Dayco parts help convert diving mask to ventilator

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Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, has taken the opportunity to put its manufacturing resources into helping those suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, by producing a vital component in the conversion of a readily available snorkeling mask, into a life-saving ventilator.

The adaption of the mask, normally supplied via sports outlet Decathlon, is the brain-child of the inventor supported by a project team including Italian consultancy Isinnova, eight individuals and several partners, which transforms the mask originally intended for leisure activities into a vital resource that is already being used in hospitals in northern Italy and by the Italian Red Cross.

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Recognizing the value of the initiative to help save lives, Dayco has taken the opportunity to produce a key component – the Charlotte Valve – that allows the mask to be converted to a medical respiratory device, and is producing it on 3-D printers at its San Bernardo d’Ivrea facility in northern Italy.

Commenting on the development, President of Dayco Global Powertrain Operations, Michael Weiss, said: “To be able to contribute in the fight against this terrible virus was an easy decision to make as we have both the facilities and machinery required to make the Charlotte Valve in the required numbers, as well as a duty to respond to the national and international emergency.

“We are now in contact with the Ivrea and San Giovanni Bosco hospitals along with the Red Cross, to help distribute the item, which can be installed quickly and easily, and in conjunction with the reversal of the three existing valves in the face of the mask, convert it into the life-saving device.”

All files required to produce the 3-D printed valve are available here: Download


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