Dayco Offers Alternative to Expensive OE Pumps with Aftermarket Line of Electric Water Pumps

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Electric water pumps are a growing category as they continue to be utilized by OEMs in several of today’s passenger cars, light and medium duty trucks, and specifically hybrid, electric and start/stop applications.

While there are a number of benefits to using electric over mechanical pumps, some customers are frustrated at the high replacement costs. The average dealer will charge between $250 to $750 for product alone. That’s a key reason Dayco launched its electric water pump line. It’s designed as a high-quality yet more affordable alternative to OE pumps.

Designed as a direct fit bolt-on replacement, Dayco’s OE engineered line of electric water pumps covers close to 30 million vehicles in operation, specifically electric, hybrid and many start/stop applications. Dayco’s electric water pumps are ISO certified and do not require any modifications during installation. They are designed to help maintain systems that improve fuel economy and increase engine response and engine-off cooling. Select applications also come with a more robust aluminum cover to help address premature failure that occurs with some OEM plastic pump covers. In addition, mounting bolts are included with most Dayco electric water pumps.


  • Water contact components made of stainless steel to prevent rust
  • Tapered motor brushes for quick break-in
  • Self-lubricating, graphite composite bearings for superior durability 


  • No modifications required – Designed as a direct fit replacement for easy installation
  • Enhances cooling system efficiency – Helps maintain OE systems that improve fuel economy and increase engine response
  • Compatible with all engine coolants –Engineered to handle a range of coolants as well as extremely corrosive, high temperature environments

For more information, check out the full list of part numbers here.


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