Dana introduces Spicer Life Series Plus u-Joints

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Dana Incorporated has introduced Spicer Life Series Plus (SPL Plus) u-joints for light-vehicle applications. 

Dana Incorporated has introduced Spicer Life Series Plus (SPL Plus) u-joints for light-vehicle applications. 

The new premium line features upgraded materials and enhanced features to provide superior overall strength and extended product life at high operating temperatures.

“Exhaust systems on today’s vehicles are often placed closer to the driveline, creating more stress on driveline components due to greater temperature fluctuations,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana. 

“We developed the new premium line of SPL Plus u-joints to provide enhanced maximum temperature capabilities, improved bearing life, and overall durability for vehicles requiring an increased heat range.”

Among the unique features found on SPL Plus u-joints are a journal cross that is engineered with a cold-formed body to ensure better overall strength; enhanced spacer material, including a thrust washer that eliminates friction, end galling, and metal-to-metal contact; and the bearing cap is case-hardened and precision-ground for added strength and durability. 

Upgraded green full-synthetic grease significantly improves maximum temperature capabilities and increases the bearing life. 

The multi-lip seal keeps grease in and contaminants out, while at the same time, offering maximum retention in a wider range of environments.

“The talented engineering team at Dana continues to incorporate the latest advancements in u-joint material and design so we can deliver consistently reliable products to customers who demand the best,” said Nunnery. 

“Global manufacturers already recognize SPL u-joints as a benchmark in quality, so we took this trusted OE product and enhanced it.  We are proud to bring unrivaled performance and longevity to the aftermarket with SPL Plus u-joints.”

For more information about Spicer Life Series Plus (SPL Plus) u-joints contact a Dana sales representative or visit SpicerParts.com or DanaAftermarket.com.

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For product information, visit www.SpicerParts.com and www.VictorReinz.com.

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