Custom fit wheels for that special project vehicle

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Have a special project vehicle that needs the right wheel fitment you can’t find “off the rack”? This may be an option.

Forgeline Motorsports offers “truly custom made-to-order” aftermarket wheels.

With most wheel manufacturers, offsets can typically be adjusted to the half inch, it says.

Forgeline can adjust to the millimeter up to ten total inches, giving vehicle owners unlimited options not only with fitment but with color and powder coating options as well. The American-made wheels are produced at Forgeline’s Dayton, Ohio facility.

“Discerning customers who desire custom wheels what unlimited options to make their vehicle stand out. At Forgeline, we are able to go beyond any standard customizations offered by other wheel manufacturers to custom manufacture wheels in any offset, diameter, color or finish. We can do what no other wheel manufacturer can do,” said Dave Schardt, president of Forgeline Motorsports. 

Customers can use the company’s wheel fitment application guide on the Forgeline website to specially create wheels to fit the requirements of any custom suspension, big brakes or body style modifications. Standard Forgeline wheels can be ordered directly from the wheel’s page on the Forgeline website under the “View Sizing and Pricing” section.

Wheels are available in a variety of fitments ranging from 17 to 22 inches depending on the wheel series. 

Forgeline offers a choice of hundreds colours as well as thousands of powder coating options from Prismatic Powders for customers to select from when customizing their wheels. Matte, satin and glossy finishes are available, and customers can also choose different colours and finishes for the center, inner and outer rim. Hand brushing and polishing are popular finishes and color matching the wheels to the vehicle’s paint is also an option at Forgeline.

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