CRP offers automotive training for Pentosin fluids

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CRP Automotive ( offers a new series of online automotive training courses for Pentosin technical fluids. The video-based courses are designed to help automotive professionals gain valuable market knowledge on OE-specific fluids for import vehicles.

The training courses can be accessed by visiting

CRP Automotive offers five Pentosin training courses including:

  • Pentosin Antifreeze Course – “YourOE Antifreeze Solution for Asian and European Vehicles”
  • Pentosin Brake Fluid Course – “YourOE Brake Fluid Solution for European Vehicles”
  • Pentosin Hydraulic Fluid Course – “YourOE Hydraulic Power Steering Solution for European Vehicles”
  • Pentosin Synthetic Motor Oil Course – “YourOE Motor Oil Solution for European Vehicles”
  • Pentosin Transmission Fluid Course – “YourOE Antifreeze Solution for European Vehicles”

Each training course features a brief history of the Pentosin product, the function of OE-specific technical fluids, the importance of using the correct technical fluid, and an overview of Pentosin technical fluids for import vehicles. After each course, the participant takes a quiz on the training material and must score a grade of at least 80% to pass the course. 

For additional information, visit:


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