Cloyes offers variable valve timing chain kits

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Aftermarket manufacturer and distributor of timing system components and kits Cloyes Gear and Products announced the release of timing chain kits with variable valve timing (VVT) actuators, providing professional technicians with a complete repair solution.

Designed for the replacement of worn or damaged timing chains, tensioners, sprockets, guides, and VVT actuators, also known as cam phasers, Cloyes timing chain VVT kits are the convenient solution when replacing all major components in a timing chain job.

Cloyes variable valve timing

“VVT actuators are naturally part of the timing system and it only makes sense for Cloyes to offer high-quality, aftermarket VVT system components that work with our current timing system product offerings,” said Jason Thompson, vice president of engineering and product development for Cloyes. “Our expertise in modern timing systems, combined with our manufacturing and quality standards, resulted in Cloyes developing VVT actuators that work as good as or better than OE units and will withstand abuse in the most demanding applications.”

For 3V Ford 4.6-liter and 5.4-liter applications, Cloyes has developed a uniquely designed actuator that is superior to the OE product. Testing against the OE actuator, the Cloyes units exhibited 20 percent less frictional drag and produced 10 percent more torque at the same oil pressure. Used OE actuators can hemorrhage oil to and from rotor chambers through worn rotor vanes that drag/seal along the stator ID. The Cloyes actuators use tightly toleranced, long duration rotor vanes that do not contact the stator, therefore eliminating the wear and drag of the OE and other aftermarket designed units.

“Repair is timely and can take close to 12 labour hours to complete on the 3V 5.4L Ford F-150,” said Cody Smith, technical support manager for Cloyes. “With our complete kit, as well as our continued focus on training and technical support, we are providing our customers with a solution to reduce comebacks and reduce the chance of having to do the time-consuming job a second time.”

The first two timing chain VVT kits from Cloyes provide coverage for nearly 5 million vehicles in operation. In 2019, Cloyes will complete the development of additional timing chain VVT kits for a wide range of popular applications in the North American market.



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